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Gamma Swab

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Gamma Sterile and Individual Peel Pack.

Swab is a sterile ready-to-use sampling device recommended for collection clinical specimens for microbiology examinations. Recommended applications: Nasopharyngeal, Paediatrics, and Urogenital.

Composed with fine shaft, nylon fibre tip and a peel pouch. The shaft is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material, which is straight, flexible and breakable at the fixed breakpoint. The tip is made of Nylon fibres and a proprietary adhesive, which is non-toxic and can provide the most absorption and releasing of specimens. 

Dimension of Tip

Thickness: 3±2mm

Length 24±5mm

Dimension of Plastic Stick

Diameter: 25±0.5mm

Breakpoint: 80mm

Total Length: 150mm

- CE 0197

- ISO 13485:2016

Retail Box: Peel Pouch

Inner Carton: 500

Outer Carton: 1 (4 Inner Cartons, 2000 units)

Stock Code: MED/SWA2123-1003

Item Number:2123-1003