Flocked Oropharyngeal

Ergonomic and anatomic design, perpendicular nylon fibre acts like a soft brush thus improves patient comfort and efficiency in cell specimen collection.

Improved sample collection, sprayed-on fibres statically charged and attached to the applicator tip in a uniform perpendicular manner and by means of strong capillary action cell specimens are rapidly absorbed.

Superior sample elution, with an open fibre structure it instantly dislodges the specimen cells into the liquid medium, unlike traditional wound swabs when the specimen is entrapped in the mattress core.

Increased assay sensitivity, flocked swabs are proven to elute >95% of the original sample rapidly thus easily resulting in improved assay sensitivity.

Quantitative volume transfer, measurable and consistent uptake and transfer from patient to the test tube has no internal mattress core to disperse and entrap the precious sample like traditional fibre wound swabs.

Certified free of inhibitors and interference, collection swabs are certified DNASE, RNASE-free and human DNA free. They are also free of any PCR inhibitors. 

Dimensions of Flocked Tip

Width: Taper to 5.0

Thickness: Taper to 5.0

Length: 16mm

Dimensions of PP Stick

Diameter 1: 2.5mm

Diameter 2: Taper to 2.0

Breakpoint: 30mm

Length: 154mm