25+ Years

Since 1993, the we've specialised in product manufacturing and distribution of consumer products around the world. Focused primarily in telecommunications and brand development, we have developed strong relationships with major operators, retailers, corporate organisations and distributors across the globe. With Headquarters in the United Kingdom and China, we are best positioned to service our 15 global distribution hubs and 6,000+ customers swiftly and efficiently.

Experience & Agility

In 2019 when the COVID-19 outbreak first hit Wuhan in China, our supply chain partners in the far east were experiencing shortages of PPE and essential equipment life saving equipment. We were able to utilise our European and USA relationships to ship PPE into China and support the distribution effort locally. It gave us a huge advantage in understanding what essential products and equipment were needed for front liners and the general population. To further keep up with demands, we started manufacturing our own products and equipment and this is where MTK LIFE was born.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak reached the rest of the world, Santok’s strong 25+ year supply chain experience has enabled the company to distribute key products and manufacture and ship essential PPE to the rest of the world. Our portfolio is growing and covers a wide range of products including essential protective clothing, masks, thermometers, oximeters and more.

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